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Meet the Working For Youth Employers

Meet the Working For Youth Employers

Meet the Working For Youth Employers

Hire KC – powered by KC Social Innovation Center – has joined forces with KC Common Good to bring paid opportunities to youth on Kansas City’s historic east side this summer through the Working for Youth initiative.   Hire KC aims to put 250 youth ages 14-18 into 8-week internships designated for zip codes where these

The Importance of Internships

The team at Hire KC asked community leaders, educators and current interns why they believe that internships are a valuable step in a career path. Here is what they had to say: Crystal Everett KCPS Real World Learning Coordinator “Internships provide an opportunity for students to continue to think about the life they would like

Getting Where You Want To Be: How to Set Goals and Manage Your Time

FREE WORKSHOP from the KC Women’s Employment Network! This workshop will give you, the developing professional, the skills and knowledge to identify how you currently use your time identity your personal time management strengths and weaknesses learn the dimensions of self-management of time and identify new habits you would like to implement to improve your

Creating Your Own Capital (*Social, Not Financial)

Starting a new business takes “investment” capital. Starting and managing a successful career takes Social Capital. This workshop will help you understand what grows and what erodes your personal social capital and why that matters in a connected 21st century economy. Join Jason Bohn, MS, who will guide you, the developing professional, through the in’s