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Our Program Platform

The Project Commons

TPC is a flexible platform for client projects, designed for students 15-18 (grades 10-11).  We popup Commons inside innovative spaces that mimic and showcase the future of work. These creative hubs are inside schools, employer sites and city spaces.

We provide schools with an on-site programming model and curated projects that connect students to authentic, real-world learning through industry-led projects.


Hire KC

As our flagship program, Hire KC is the nerve center of our portfolio, and a growing network for the region’s internships and jobs for high school and college students, spanning over a sequential and experiential continuum that includes pre-terns (13-15), interns (16-20), re-terns (18+) and fellows (21+).


Draw Your Future

This fun in-school internship-readiness activity is centered on self awareness, future self, goal setting and interests, all through an occupational lens to help youth envision (draw) their path. Grades 9-12 grades; and as educator/administrator Professional Development.



Know Your Agilities

Agility awareness allows students to intentionally apply their skill set towards work that reflects a matching demand as their uniquely designed future draws closer. Together, the Agile Work Profiler and Draw Your Future provide a tangible vehicle to mobilize students from their current reality into their desired future through fulfilling pathways that bring success.