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This is where opportunity lives.

Hire KC is the largest provider of paid experiences in the KC region!

We help high school and college students find and get paid projects, internships and jobs that will set you up for success, and a great future.

client-connected projects

Through real-world experiences, Hire KC is illuminating pathways for students that lead to Market Value Assets – a construct that finally connects out-of-school experiences to in-school standards.

This summer and through the fall, Hire KC will match over 100 students to these unique community- and client-connected projects that will accelerate real world learning and internship-readiness for student participants.

Check our roster of clients here.

Projects are now closed. Look for more fall opportunities coming sonn!

Current high school students are eligible to earn a $300 Visa Gift Card.

Getting Started

You must be a current high school student to participate.

Students who successfully complete a Client-Connected Project will earn the Hire KC Project badge and a $300 Visa Gift Card!

Spots are limited. Getting started is simple – follow these steps!

  1. Create a new account OR Sign in to your account
  2. Complete your student profile
  3. Click “Experiences” in the left margin
  4. Click the button “Search All Experiences” near top right (If you don’t this button, it’s because you need to first complete your Student Profile.)
  5. Click the “Client Connected Projects” posting
  6. Click “Apply” button
  7. Complete the short questionnaire
  8. Click “Submit” button
  9. Complete the parental consent form here.
  10. You’ll be notified of your status soon!
For questions, contact Hire KC Support at help@hirekc.org

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