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Opportunity for All

LaunchPath is an opportunity commons for the entire KC region – where students, schools and districts, youth programs, employers and employer intermediaries can find everything in one place. Nice.

Fuel up your rocket with LaunchPath

EMPLOYERS – ready to reach diverse students from across the KC region? start here!

LaunchPath tracks how many and what kind of opportunities are available to youth throughout the region, and track our ability to connect students to your positions effectively and with desired outcomes.

  • The way to engage, connect and recruit all Hire KC students.
  • The way students will find YOU and YOUR opportunities.
  • The way students can apply for your jobs
  • The way to make and extend offers.

LaunchPath is the way.



  1. Step 1 – Register with Hire KC at Hirekc.org/apply
  2. Step 2 – Build your LaunchPath profile! Click here so you can apply for internships and jobs! hirekc.launchpath.com

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