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Education & Employer Intermediaries

Hire KC is the primary funnel of youth engagement for internships in the KC Region.  Participation is open to all high school and college students from the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, and our service area includes Jackson, Cass, Clay, and Platte counties in Missouri, and Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.  

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From Chambers of Commerce to out-of-school programs and education intermediaries – Hire KC can add valuable resources around workforce development and work-based experiences, and aid in the coordination and connections between employers, schools and students. 

Tap into Hire KC’s inventory of curated internships and work-based experiences for high school and college students – designed to support experiential learning, career pathways and work-readiness for students.

  1. Semester-based internships – launching January 2020
  2. Summer internship program includes: 
  • School Engagement – posters, flyers, email news, on-site presentations.
  • Access to the Opportunity Hub – where students go and where the opportunities are.
  • Common Application for Students  – centralized starting point to apply.
  • Internship and Job-based Student Events – check the calendar for upcoming events.


Expertise and development in 1) work-based experience planning, 2) pathway development, 3) college and career readiness, preparation and training, and 4) direct student work-based experience curation (i-ships and projects). 


Custom designed and organized events around career sectors, pathways or direct employment. 


Custom badging and credentials that support pathways, common sector competencies or indicators of skill mastery or achievement.

The Hire KC program consists of the following core components for Intermediaries:

  • Coordination and sourcing of regional paid work-based experiences, youth jobs, and learning opportunities accessible through our web portal, career fair and other interactive or learning events; and
  • An online work-based experience marketplace for students, schools and districts, programs, intermediaries, employers and employer intermediaries.  Pilot Launch – Spring 2019
    • The program intermediary dashboard includes:
      • Collaborative space to work with colleagues and/or district, schools, teachers or direct service providers
      • Regional events calendar – place to post relevant events on shared calendar
      • Student communication – ability for schools or programs to see all communications between students and employers; including messaging, internship/job applications, internship/job acceptance or denial and student evaluations
      • Ability to make work-based experience requests for internships, site tours, speakers, projects and more.  
      • Ability to make special requests through Hire KC (i.e. judge for science project, or employer for career fair)
      • View employers and available internships and work-based experiences.
    • The employer online dashboard includes:
      • Collaborative space to work with multiple colleagues
      • Ability to post internships, projects, and jobs
      • Ability to offer work-based learning opportunities (i.e. job shadows, classroom speaking, site-tours) and adjust schedule and inventory at any time
      • Offer student evaluations for performance feedback
    • The employer intermediary dashboard includes:
      • Ability to assist schools, programs, and employers in their work-based learning
      • Ability to create a Hire KC employer profile on behalf of an employer
        • Ability to login on behalf of member employers and manage internship and job postings, and work-based experience requests (accept, deny or message a school or program)
      • Ability to have multiple intermediary partners under one account (i.e. Greater KC Chamber of Commerce and Northland CAPS)
  • Access to Hire KC career fair and other interactive or learning events
  • Centralized youth success program, including:
    • Branding and marketing
    • Employer, school and youth engagement
    • Collaboration and alignment with workforce agencies
  • Access to digital resources and toolkits for employers, and for youth: online learning, digital badges, curated professional development and leadership workshops, plus service-based experiences.

*Pilot launches Spring 2019

Start up at Hire KC’s LaunchPath, where you can:

  1. Find great local talent from regional high schools and colleges
  2. Join the Opportunity Network as a stakeholder 
  3. Login to your LaunchPath dashboard
  4. Request intermediary or program access for your members/students

Students – start here: Step 1 register with Hire KC!