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How We work with Employers

Hire KC’s mission is to support opportunity, equity, and illuminate career pathways so that all youth can learn and grow into promising futures.  Hire KC provides access and connects young people to work-based opportunities, learning and experiences that will lead them to brighter futures and better prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.  

The KC Social Innovation Center manages Hire KC and works to engage and support a variety of business partners, increasing the number of internship and work-based opportunities so we can serve more youth while continuing to innovate and experiment with new tools, platforms and methodologies to improve youth talent and workforce development at scale.

We engage with the region’s schools, students, informal educators, youth-serving organizations, workforce agencies and parent communities with on-target messaging and communications to reach thousands of youth and young adults.

To connect with thousands of students, and post your internships in LaunchPath, start here by completing the Employer Engagement form below.

1| Use Hire KC to:

Post internships, projects and jobs;
Work with more schools and reach more students.

2| Enlist us to manage interns, and to grow and diversify your talent pipeline.

3| Hire us to help you redesign, expand or augment how you work with youth.  

  • The way to engage, connect and recruit all Hire KC students.
  • The way students will find YOU and YOUR opportunities.
  • The way students can apply for your jobs
  • The way to make and extend offers.

LaunchPath is the way!

We put high school and college student OPPORTUNITIES in one place for the entire KC region.

LaunchPath is an opportunity commons for students, schools and districts, programs, intermediaries, employers and employer intermediaries.

To get an Employer account and get started – fuel up here

Questions?  Just email us at help@hirekcyouth.org.

LaunchPath 1.0 – on your own
$0 / pay interns on your own

  • Join Hire KC’s open LaunchPath marketplace as an Opportunity Provider
  • Post your internships and jobs
  • Recruit and engage students and schools from across the region on your own

LaunchPath 2.0 – build your bundle
starting at $250 / costs vary by service selected; contact us for details.

Get extra help on the things you need most.

  • Getting started – job descriptions, student engagement, and Opportunity posting
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • HR and Payroll
  • Internship Program Design
  • Managing Interns
  • Training and Development

LaunchPath 3.0 – the big bundle

Enlist us to post your internships and jobs, and develop and manage the whole process – start to finish, including:

  • Job Description Review
  • Opportunity Posting and Management
  • Candidate Recruitment, Engagement and Screening

Human Resources & Onboarding

  • Employer of Record / Payroll Servicing
  • Workers Compensation
  • Orientation Support
  • Supervisor Preparation & Training
  • Co-Managed Interns
  • Intern Goals & Expectations
  • Intern Project Design Support

Resources for Employers:

  • Employer Intern Implementation Kit
  • Internship Best Practices Guide
  • Orientation & Worksite Guide

the big bundle includes:
160 hours at $10/hour
June 10 –  August 2, 2019

Standard background check included; additional screenings are available upon request, and fees may apply