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We are in transition, KC.

We are in transition, KC.

In October, 2021 our operating organization – KC Social Innovation Center – will close its doors for good. Unfortunately, this has a direct impact on Hire KC. And while KCSIC winds up its operations, the leadership is working to “re-home” Hire KC and its program in order to provide continuity of opportunities for youth in our region.

Please stay tuned here for news and announcements as details become available. Our staff of do-gooders and youth champions aim to keep the torch of opportunity burning bright for Kansas City’s young people. We were so honored to work with all of you students and graduates from the career curious to interns and emerging professionals. From employers to educators in K12 and higher education, and among city and civic leaders, nonprofit leaders, and connectors from all across the Kansas City region.

Accountability eats mediocrity for breakfast, and good is its accomplice – so KC – demand greatness and measure it so you can be sure of your future. #greatnessiscoming

Always Connecting,
Kari Keefe
Executive Director