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Hire KC helps power Working For Youth – a collective initiative to boost opportunity in east KC

Hire KC helps power Working For Youth – a collective initiative to boost opportunity in east KC

Hire KC – powered by KC Social Innovation Center – has joined forces with KC Common Good to bring paid opportunities to youth on Kansas City’s historic east side this summer through the Working for Youth initiative.  Hire KC aims to put 250 youth ages 14-18 into 8-week internships, along with Entrepreneurship KC who will focus on 4-week project-based internships, for a total of 500 paid slots designated for zip codes where these kinds of transformative experiences can change future trajectories and create a ripple of healthy outcomes for all involved.

The Facts:

  • There are over 30,000** Kansas City youth, aged 16-24, who are not working and not currently participating in school.
  • Employers need a more skilled workforce.
  • Greater Kansas City Area has the 12th largest percentage of population under 18 years of age in the U.S.**
  • Teens who work are 86% more likely to be employed the next year.*
  • Participation in a work-based learning activity can increase a young person’s salary by as much as 11% for up to eight years after high school.*
  • Older youth have almost a 100% chance of being employed if they worked more than 40 weeks the previous year.***

Sources: *JP Morgan Chase – New Skills for Youth; **Policy Link KC Region Equity Study, Nov 2013; ***Opportunity Nation, Youth Disconnection (opportunitynation.org/disconnected-youth)

See the full Working For Youth media release HERE. And check out our other news coverage: 

**************************Hire KC Believes**************************

  • We believe that access to opportunities is imperative for all youth.  
  • We believe that success comes from collaboration with cross-sector partners from around the KC region. 
  • We pledge to this collective to respect the expertise and perspectives of all stakeholders, including the young people that are served. 
  • We honor the responsibility that we have been given and understand how important it is to the future of the city that we love. 
  • We are determined to incorporate innovation into our strategies to advance the work. 
  • We will relentlessly pursue excellence in all that we do. 
  • We believe that 100% participation from the community is an attainable goal.  

Whether you’re interested in funding an internship or a larger initiative, let’s talk! 


About KC Common Good
Founded in 2018, KC Common Good is addressing the root causes of violence to instill hope and ensure a successful future for every individual in the greater Kansas City region. The mission of the organization is to create an environment where all citizens can live safely and have access to real opportunities. Where there’s good, there’s hope. Learn more at kccommongood.org.

About Hire KC

Hire KC is bridging the gap between school and work, helping to prepare the next generation with the life know-how and essential skills necessary to lead to good and promising jobs. Learn more at hirekc.org.

About Entrepreneurship KC

Entrepreneurship KC is a collaborative partnership between Cherry and STARTLAND working to create the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing scaffolded immersive entrepreneurial experiences to area students. Learn more at entrepreneurshipkc.org.