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The Importance of Internships

The Importance of Internships

The team at Hire KC asked community leaders, educators and current interns why they believe that internships are a valuable step in a career path. Here is what they had to say:

Crystal Everett
KCPS Real World Learning Coordinator

“Internships provide an opportunity for students to continue to think about the life they would like to create for themselves. The experiences help students not only earn money in the present but also develop skills that will serve them in the future. As these opportunities present themselves, it is important for students to take advantage. It is equally important for employers to help create these experiences for students to shine.”





Dustin Sollars
Liberty North Career Navigator

“Internships during high school are the best way to get a jump on meaningful career exploration. The ability to broaden your network, do real work, and develop relationships with industry professionals is the best head start a young person could ask for coming out of high school.”





Dylan Peterson
Business and Community Coordinator

“Internships are an incredible opportunity to learn how to be in the workforce. It’s not just about knowing your English and Math content. It’s also about communication skills, leadership, and responsibility.”






Nancy Schnell
Teacher at Hogan Prep Academy

“Internships allow students to peak into their potential careers and see if they really like them. Internships also help students build the confidence to pursue their passions.”






Tim Anderson
Liberty High School Career Navigator

“Internships provide incredible real-world experiences that can redefine your future and goals. Taking action now and seizing internship opportunities will always give you an edge over the competition. “






Tim Dial-Scruggs
Teacher at Fort Osage High School

“Internships have impact! The opportunity to learn and participate in a real-world setting sets you up with job skills for future experiences. The connections you make will play an integral part in the development of your career advancement. The internship is a key step in your career path – no matter the career! Invest your time in an internship and you will be rewarded with valuable experiences, connections, and knowledge which sets you up for a successful career.”

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