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Creative Teamwork Spurs Originality

Creative Teamwork Spurs Originality

by Kyle Zell

I am currently a high school student and I am looking forward to applying to art school in two years. My interests revolve around design, illustration, sewing, sculpting, and animation and I want to go into a career involving those. I discovered Hire KC through my current position at Mesner Puppet Theater, who I have had the great opportunity to be an artistic intern for. I work under Erika Baker and have also had the pleasure to work with Alex Espy and Mike Horner.

My time at Mesner Puppet Theater gave me a great experience in doing creative work. I have skills in sewing, sculpting and illustration and the projects I was given utilized those and helped me improve them. I also learned a lot of new skills, particularly with power tools.

I am mostly self-taught and although I enjoy figuring things out myself, it was great to learn from people with a lot of experience. I also got to participate in working with other creative people and collaborating. This is a very important part of working in artistic fields and something I hadn’t done much of before.

One of my favorite projects, thus far, has been making the bird puppets for the Big Picnic at The Nelson Atkins Art Museum. I was really excited to have the opportunity to create them based on my own designs. Overall, my internship has been very educational and I believe it will open up many opportunities in the future!

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