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The Map Expert

The Map Expert

by Eleanor Nash | College-bound Eleanor Nash was an intern in the KCMO City Manager’s Office working on the Digital Equity Strategic Plan with Rick Usher, Assistant City Manager, and Noah Yener, fellow Hire KC Youth intern; over the course eight weeks, Eleanor and Noah worked on projects under Mr. Usher’s supervision and engaged in professional development one day per week with HKCY Coaches like Samantha Brake (see picture above). The main goal of my Hire KC student internship was to enhance the Digital Equity Strategic Plan by creating a geographical inventory (map) of Community Learning Centers and locate public access computers in Kansas City. Additionally, I performed many other tasks including visiting community organizations, attending policy meetings, and presenting research findings. Looking ahead, I am excited to move to Boston this fall for my first year at Wellesley College. This is my story. The Map Expert Monday I was absorbed in maps. That morning, my supervisor asked me to figure out how to put pinpoints on a Google Map. This map encompassed the meaning behind my internship; it was what I was hired to do. I found out how to insert those pinpoints, but not perfectly. The points did not automatically populate the map and there was no ½ mile radius circle around each point (another necessity of my internship). That evening, I went to a meeting with Code for KC, the group that would help my team with the technicalities of the map. Going into the meeting, I did not know what to expect. I definitely did not expect I would own the meeting. Mr. Ron House, the coding expert, sat me and my team down to figure out what the map will be like. When he asked what was missing from the current map, I replied that we need a ½ mile radius around each point. When he asked a question about the capabilities of the current Google Map, I answered with my up to date information. I was succinct and knowledgeable – all in all I knew my stuff. At that moment, I had this great feeling of ownership and confidence; in an instant, I realized I want to feel like this in my future career. For that Monday meeting, I was the map expert.
To see more work by Eleanor, see the Community Learning Center Network Current State Assessment. Find out more about Digital Inclusion:

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