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Teamwork at KC Convention Center

Teamwork at KC Convention Center

By Courtney Crisafulli | I earned my Associate of Arts degree from Maple Woods Community College. I am currently a junior at Northwest Missouri State University pursuing a double major in Business Management and Marketing. Hire KC gave me the opportunity to intern for the Kansas City Convention Center & Entertainment Facilities, specifically in the Event Services department. This is my story.

Teamwork and Leadership

This summer I worked closely with the event managers to help plan and execute events. My goal for the summer was to expand my knowledge of the process of event management, including all of the behind-the-scenes work it takes to successfully execute an event. I learned all of this and more. Event management is all about teamwork and leadership. An event manager is assigned to each event, so they are the “leader” and everyone else works as a team to make sure it is set up and executed properly. I had the opportunity to act as both a team member and a leader. I was a team member during events such as reunions, conferences, shows, and weddings. I was a leader during tours and meetings. It was a great opportunity and learning experience to get to intern with the Kansas City Convention Center & Entertainment Facilities.

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